AC and Outlets

AC and Outlets

I never understood the bond between college roommates until Emily, Sara, and Jen walked into my life. The set up was calculated- I knew two girls, who also knew two girls. I was a little worried, but the thought of moving into a dorm my senior year was motivation enough to say yes. Fortunately, everyone walked away [...]

Happy 2016

Hope everyone had a great New Year's! I still haven't accepted the fact that the holidays are over. It's the start of a new tax season and this girl is not happy about it. The start of the new year also means that I have to renew my license and eat fewer carbs. Nothing is fun anymore. We [...]

Half a Candy Cane

Almost half way through the work week. Yay. Hope everyone had a good holiday and ate a ton of crap they weren't supposed to. I started my weekend with sangria and attended my first seven fishes dinner. There were only four fishes present but they were delicious (because all fried foods are delicious). I watched [...]