Moving On, Moving Out

In January, it will be two years since I moved out of my parent’s house and moved in with Mike.

I thought it’d be a challenge living with my significant other, but the move was pretty seamless. Despite working together, dating, and taking on a fixer upper, we managed to survive.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that our renovation is only 80% complete. Most of the interior is done. We just have to replace lighting fixtures and choose a backsplash for the kitchen. It’s the exterior that needs some work. We’re planning on rebuilding the front deck in the spring and possibly painting the house. Not too bad for two reno-newbies. I just wish we had finished within the year.

Now that I’ve got some things settled, I’ve decided to torture myself and find my dream job. After taking all of the career aptitude tests and constantly self-reflecting, I have no clue what I want to do. I even had some interviews thinking I needed to just get out there and quickly realized that none of it sounded appealing. So that’s great.

I feel like I’m only 50% complete. My exterior is solid, thanks to cardio and all of E.L.F.’s cosmetics, but my interior is crap. My house is officially beating me.

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