Iceland in Photos

Things I can knock-off my checklist:

  1. Go to Iceland.
  2. Live in a van for a few days.
  3. Visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls.
  4. Feel cold consistently.

This was one of my favorite trips. I learned a lot while living out of our VW mini-camper. Mostly, that I can get by with far less than I thought. It was a short-lived experience, but one I would do again.

Apparently, you can see a lot when you drive along the Golden Circle.

One of the most beautiful country’s with some of the most diverse terrain. Watching horses graze on grass one day, walking along the black sand beaches the next.

Fun Fact: This is the waterfall from Prometheus.

Go to Iceland. Right now. Don’t ask questions. Just go!

4 thoughts on “Iceland in Photos

  1. Stunning photos! I am taking a sabbatical next year to travel the world and I’m definitely thinking of starting my trip in Europe via Iceland!


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