The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is a magical place. From exploring Reykyavik, soaking in a hot spring, or driving along the Golden Circle, there is always something beautiful to see or do.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon is one of the coolest things you can partake in while in Iceland. Imagine sky blue water, heated to the perfect temperature and full of skin-nourishing minerals. Now picture all of that in 30° weather. Nothing could be more satisfying!

The lagoon was my first Icelandic activity. Most people opt to do this at the end of their trip to relax before their flight. However, our road trip required that we visit within the first few hours of landing at Keflavik. Funny how that works out…

Know before you go:

  • Admission – Pre-book your tickets before arriving. Reservations are made based on date and time of visit, so you plan accordingly.
  • Towels & Shoes – Guests have the option to bring their own or rent from the spa. We brought our own to save money but it seemed like most people rented out of convenience.
  • Each visitor gets a bracelet at check-in. These are used for lagoon access, food & drink, and additional amenities.
  • You can bring your camera/ phone in the lagoon, just be careful. Electronics will get wet. It can also be pretty steamy (which is why half of my photos are blurry).
  • Enjoy! There is plenty to explore.

Tips for soaking:

  • You must shower before entering the hot spring. This is enforced by staff in the locker room. They ask that you shower without a bathing suit, but I left mine on. Don’t be scared.
  • Soap and conditioner are provided in each shower. Shampoo is not.
  • If you plan on going under, condition your hair! I cannot stress this enough. Condition, condition, condition! My hair felt like straw by the time we left because I underestimated the power of the minerals. Even though I showered after soaking, I still walked away with a bale of hay on my head.
  • Should you neglect the conditioner, do not worry. You hair is not damaged, just coated in layers of mineral build up. Eventually, it will dissipate and go back to normal.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the silica mud mask included in your visit. You’ll look a little silly, but it’s great for your skin.

On your way out, take a walk around the hot springs near the entrance. They are completely uninhabited and are a great way to see a bit of what Iceland has to offer!

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