Road Trip in Cali – San Francisco

Our last leg of the trip was in San Francisco.

First stop was Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch….where we were attacked by seagulls.

Note to self: San Fran seagulls are ballsy and will attack without hesitation. We didn’t stand a chance in the battle of seagull v.s. human.

Once we checked into our hotel, we drove to Shark Fin Cove for a sunset.

We had Muir Woods to ourselves the next morning. No park rangers, visitors, or animals anywhere. I guess that’s what you get when you wake up way too early for anyone or anything to function properly.

The woods were beautifully mystical. Crazy to think that we were still in California!

I underestimated the incline of San Francisco streets. We parked on a 45° angle near Lombard Street and slowly climbed half a block to get there. Touristy but worth seeing.

A quick stop at Lombard Street.

You can’t visit the city without a trip to the Exploratorium. Kids or no kids, you’re guaranteed to have fun and learn something cool, just make sure you have several hours to spend there. We were there for over two hours and barely made a dent.

Yes, those are tooth picks.

Two full days in San Francisco may not seem like much, but when you travel with us, you will see a lot.

I had a great time seeing what California had to offer. All of it was different but equally beautiful. Can’t wait to go back!

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