Bushkill Falls and Copper Mine Trail

We went hiking for six hours!

Well, climbing steps for two hours, lunch at Perkins, and then hiking for the rest of the time. I had a full turkey dinner. Hiking makes me hungry.

We checked out Bushkill Falls, the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.”

I think the Niagara of PA is a stretch. The falls are beautiful, but saying it’s the Niagara of anything is wrong. Its more like the medium falls of Pennsylvania.

As we continued to explore the park, we found some smaller waterfalls. The hike itself was ok. Every now and then we’d run into hills and stairs, but it was manageable.

This trip gave me the opportunity to test out some camera lenses I bought for my phone. I decided on a kit of three lenses from Target for $15. For the price, the quality is pretty good. Photos are not as sharp than when using the camera alone, but it’s nice to have for taking wide-angle and macro photos.

After stuffing our faces at Perkins, we ventured out to see if we could find the Copper Mine Trail near the Delaware Water Gap. We ended up on a long one way road that even had a traffic light to prevent any oncoming traffic. This was my kind of hike- less inhabited and free!

Messing around with the fisheye lens.

We started the trail at a decent pace and soon realized that we would be hitting steep inclines for most of our journey. About 15 minutes in, I started feeling it my legs. I was relieved when the path leveled out to give our legs a little break. Then it went back up again. Meh.

We followed the Copper Mine Trail until we lost sight of the water. We turned around so Mike could take photos of the before it got too dark.

We were pretty tired by the end of the day.

We climbed 67 floors, walked 6 miles, and burned enough calories to feel good about ourselves. It was a busy Saturday, but nice to get finally get outside. You know what’s also nice? Laying down while someone brings you a beer.

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