Niagara Falls in the Winter

Whenever I heard someone talk about Niagara Falls, I imagined Narnia. To get there, you had to hop in a wardrobe, find the false back, and navigate through fur coats to discover this new land.

Guess what? It’s actually a six hour drive north towards Syracuse. No weird closet. No talking animals (although that would be cool). Just a car and some snacks.

So we packed up the car and were on the road by 6 AM. We were staying at the Days Inn in Niagara Falls, NY. The hotel was located right outside the park and the Canadian border, so walking to the falls took less than 10 minutes. Had it been warmer, we could have walked across the Rainbow Bridge. No matter how you travel across the border, be sure to bring your passport.


My Valentine

Our trip falling on the same weekend as Valentine’s weekend was a happy accident. What better way to celebrate than in beautiful Niagara Falls?


We hung out at the state park for several hours before heading to the hotel to warm up. By 6:30, we were back to see the falls lit up at night.


View from Canada before dinner

Sunday was more laid back. After a slow morning, we traveled back into Canada to visit the Butterfly Conservatory. But before we could do anything else, we had to take advantage of the Instagram worthy scenery.


Artsy fartsy photos courtesy of Mike

16776068_10155736614179692_579107548_oFive minutes inside the conservatory and I knew it was a bad idea. Butterflies were constantly flying in front of your face, around your legs, and over your head. They were everywhere. You to be careful not to start swatting at them like flies. I don’t know how butterflies poop, but I’m positive we got crapped on.

The facility was amazing and the butterflies were beautiful, and yet I think one visit was enough.



After sweating profusely for 30 minutes, we ventured out into the cold to find some food. Thanks to our WEGO pass, part of the cost of admission was covered so I didn’t feel ridiculous for bailing early (and possibly being afraid of butterflies).

Linner was Kelsey’s on Clifton Hill. I tried their Roadhouse Caesar which was a spicy version of the bloody mary. Really good but dangerous. The grilled cheese was also a pleasant surprise. We walked away full, ready to checkout the rest of the hill.

Before leaving on Monday, we visited the Canadian side of the falls once more. We used our WEGO pass to check out Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara’s Fury.



Our Journey Behind the Falls was flooded.


We’re already talking about visiting again, possibly in the spring or fall. For a quick trip, I think we got a great idea of what the falls and the surrounding area has to offer. If you have a few days, you should plan a visit.

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