Birthday Bowling


Everyone has them. Most want them. Some celebrate them.

Turning 26 was a combination of those things. I couldn’t avoid my birthday, because like it or not, I was a year older. It wasn’t really something I wanted either. 25 was enough for me. I had a good year, I paid my taxes, and I liked the number, so why did things have to change?

That’s when I realized that I was being stupid. Nothing actually changes, except for being a year closer to some sweet senior discounts.

So in celebration of my birthday and Mike’s birthday, we decided to do some bowling…but the adult version of bowling. Open bar. Unlimited food. Glow sticks. The trifecta.

Our birthdays gave us a reason to visit the newly renovated Bowlero in North Brunswick. This place has everything- bowling, bar, laser tag, and arcade. It’s family friendly, but a great place for a night out with friends. We decided to reserve a lane through the Kingpin party package. For 2.5 hours we had an open bar, (3) food choices with refills, and shoe rental. Not bad for $70.

We also played laser tag. We lost but we had a great time doing it. Hopefully we didn’t traumatize any children.


Another successful birthday!

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