Cheers to Two Years

Mike and I celebrated our two year anniversary on Wednesday!

Since it was a school night, however, we decided to wait until the weekend to make plans. Instead, we spent a romantic night in the auto section of Target and watched the Hamilton edition of Drunk History.

To start the weekend off, Mike, my friends and I went to a newly opened barcade in Metuchen. That’s right folks, a barcade. It was a small place, but they had everything from classic pinball and vintage video games to basketball and skee ball. The bar in the front just added to the fun. It was perfect for a Friday night out with friends.



If you’re in the area check out HARP-Cade, behind Hailey’s Harp & Pup.

Saturday was for couples only.

We spent the afternoon at Barefoot 1935 in Edison for a couple’s massage I was pleasantly surprised with the place. Their prices were cheaper than other places we’ve visited and the staff was very friendly. The only thing that was a little distracting was the fact that I had a male massage therapist. Because I had never had a male therapist, I had to remind myself that he was a professional and not some creep they found at a Wal-Mart. I felt like I needed to keep at least one eye open, especially when he moved toward the butt area. He definitely saw a lot of my ass.

For dinner, we ate at INC in New Brunswick and started with the breakfast tots. Imagine tater tots, grilled onions, maple syrup, and meat all together in a large bowl. I dived in the moment the waiter brought them out.

Scallops was next on my list of items to try. It was a combination of flavors- sea scallops, almond pesto, barley risotto, mushrooms, and (finally) apples. Even though I would had never thought to put those flavors together, they somehow worked.


Dessert was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a few episodes of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

Overall, I’d say this anniversary was a success. The best part was that we kept it simple. We didn’t buy each other gifts or plan an elaborate event, we just spent the day together. I couldn’t ask for more.

One of my favorites from our trip to Colorado.

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