AC and Outlets

I never understood the bond between college roommates until Emily, Sara, and Jen walked into my life.

The set up was calculated- I knew two girls, who also knew two girls. I was a little worried, but the thought of moving into a dorm my senior year was motivation enough to say yes. Fortunately, everyone walked away unscathed and closer than ever.

So what do four New Jersey/ Pennsylvania girls do to reconnect?

…Visit Atlantic City and drink all the wine.

Our room at Bally’s was spacious aside from the double beds. Turns out double does not mean double the people. I was thinking queen size but I was very wrong. It was like one big snuggle fest.

If you ever go to Gordon Ramsay’s at Caesars, I suggest eating at the bar. That is where you will meet Maddie. She was like a mother, friend, and guidance counselor all wrapped into one. Her recommendations were spot on, which is why there’s bacon on that burger.

1/2 Ramsay Burger


After dinner, we hit up the slot machines. $20 in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, I began my journey to win $1,000. Thirty minutes later I walked away $.40 richer. I’ll get’em next time.

In need of a refill, we made our way to the Wild West bar area where we were blessed with a live band. Give people a beverage and some music and you get hours of entertainment.

Courtesy of Richard and his leather vest.

We met some people, danced, and left with flashing shutter glasses. You know, the usual.

Sunday was a day of recovery and finding the nearest pancakes. Thank god for Johnny Rocket’s and their reasonably priced breakfast. After some outlet shopping, it was finally time to go home (and sit down for a while).

Atlantic City is a great place to get away for a weekend. It’s a cliché but in the best possible way. I advise that you go and see for yourself. Wear comfortable shoes.

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