Valentine’s Weekend

Here’s a list of things that I did over the weekend.


  1. Dinner with friends at Famous Dave’s.
    • The Feast – A meal large enough to feed six
    • Happy Hour drinks large enough to hydrate four
  2. Saw How to Be Single with the same friends.
    • Walked into the theater by myself
    • Tried to look as un-single as possible
    • Was relieved when friends walked in


  1. Worked out.
  2. Checked in to the Holiday Inn.
    • Watched six hours of The Walking Dead
    • Became fully invested in the show
    • Ate Chocolate
    • Ate Burger and Fries
    • Put on a dress
  3. Went to Parx Casino.
    • Watched Mike play roulette
    • Watched a guy win money
    • Watched the same guy lose money
    • Played penny slots
    • Found a kitten slot machine
    • Wished players won actual kittens
    • Lost $17
  4. Returned to hotel.
    • Watched more Walking Dead
    • Ate the rest of my burger


  1. Left hotel and went home.
    • Ate more chocolate
    • Ate actual food
  2. Went to Eastern Mountain Sports
    • Looked for hiking boots
    • Heard a girl in her mid-twenties complain that the boots weren’t pink
    • Realized she was serious
    • Judged her
    • Bought boots and a pair of wool socks


  1. Nothing because it snowed.

That’s pretty much it.

The boots were on sale for $90 and the socks were 40% off. With my gift card from Mike, I paid $42 out of pocket. I really like sales.

Should I buy a matching vest?

Looking forward to not spraining my ankles!

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