Root Beer Beer

This weekend was full of food and activities to make up for said food.

I saw Daddy’s Home on Friday. Yea.

I went into the movie with zero expectations (because let’s be honest). Nothing else to say except meh. Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen (Green Lantern), but not the best (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Saturday we had dinner at Destination Dogs in New Brunswick. I finally had Not Your Father’s Root Beer. It did not disappoint!

Being that it was my first time there, I was really impressed. We were seated almost immediately, despite the packed bar and groups of people. The restaurant had a vintage inspired airplane theme with a hipster feel that wasn’t over bearing (or ironic). The food was delicious!

Hers: The Poi Boy which consisted of wild boar sausage, pork belly, pineapple relish, and dijon mustard.

His: The Paul Bunyan with breakfast sausage, fried potatoes, bacon, ketchup (instead of maple syrup), and a fried egg.

A little messy but it was worth it.

On Sunday, we went back to Mount Tammany to hike, only this time we decided to do the entire loop. All four miles of it.

Here are my stats- before the hike, at the top, and back down at the bottom. So many floors.

img_6319 img_6321 img_6339

The hike up was rough. Since Mike had his GoPro strapped to his chest, I was given the task of carrying water, snacks, and a large knife (for safety). Like our first hike, we took the red dot tail up to the top. I got a little freaked out when we didn’t see anyone on the way down the blue dot trail. I kept looking behind me to see how far we had traveled (and to check for bears and/or murderers).

Towards the end of the hike, I could hear rushing water. Turns out there was a bunch of mini waterfalls at the bottom. Need I remind you, that THIS is in New Jersey.

Photo Jan 17, 2 08 28 PM Photo Jan 17, 2 08 36 PM Photo Jan 17, 2 16 31 PM

I would definitely do this route in the future. It was easier than climbing back down the red dot trail and I felt 60% less likely to twist an ankle.

Check it out!

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