Fitbit – Review

Saturday marked a full week using the Fitbit One.

The device not only tracks the number of steps you take, but floors climbed, mileage, and calories burned. It also monitors how you sleep. Using the app and/or website, you can log exercise and water intake.

Syncing the device with my iPhone took me less than 5 minutes. After you download the app and create an account, the application will use Bluetooth to locate the your device. That’s pretty much it.

The dashboard provides a breakdown of your activity for the day. You have the option to select which items you want on your dashboard, like water intake, calorie intake, and a meal plan.


One of my favorite parts about the One is the sleep tracker. I knew I wasn’t getting the best sleep, but I had no idea I was that restless throughout the night.

To monitor your sleep, place the tracker (without the clip) inside the pocket of the arm band and hold down the button until it vibrates and begins the timer. When you wake up, hold down the button again to stop the timer and check your results.

Here’s an example of what you might see. Hopefully you aren’t moving around as much as I am.

Photo Jan 03, 5 47 16 PM

For someone who constantly uses their phone as an alarm clock, I was happy to find out that you can use the Fitbit instead. In the app, select the Account icon at the bottom of the screen and then Silent Alarms. When the alarm goes off, it will continue to vibrate until it is turned off.

The Fitbit One, at first glance, appears to be catered more towards women. Fortunately, the flower can be turned off and the clip can be clipped to a belt or used in a pocket (rather than your bra).

img_6255Photo Jan 03, 6 13 09 PM

I have yet to explore the Challenges and Friends feature. Once my aunt downloads the app for her Fitbit One, I will make her test them with me.

Wearing the Fitbit takes a little getting used to. I left it at home on Tuesday and was angry that I wouldn’t be able to see how many steps I took that day. It has been motivating knowing how much I wasn’t moving. I’m eager to take it on hikes (or those long shopping days).

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