Half a Candy Cane

Almost half way through the work week. Yay.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and ate a ton of crap they weren’t supposed to.

I started my weekend with sangria and attended my first seven fishes dinner. There were only four fishes present but they were delicious (because all fried foods are delicious).

I watched a child play Grand Theft Auto. If you ever want to know what it would be like to be a serial killer and a car thief, this game is for you. Just awful. He set a dead body on fire for no reason. Yea, you can do that now.

On Christmas Day, I drank wine, got a little sassy, and took selfies with my mom so she would stop using the word selfie.

So many sweet potatoes 🍴

A photo posted by Janelle (@janellenvs) on

This year we had dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house. I thought it would come as a relief for my mom who usually cooks dinner, but no. In her typical fashion, my mother managed to spill sweet potato juice everywhere including the floor, her clothes, and the dog (not really).

We were still finding remnants of sweet potatoes hours after the incident. I’m smiling in the photo because I had not yet discovered what was stuck to the back of my Santa hat. The consistency was more alarming than anything else. Candied sweet potatoes feel a lot like poop, in case you were wondering. How poop would have found its way on my hat, I do not know.

Luckily, the food was delicious and my mom’s dish somehow found its way to the table. Thank god.

Gifts included underwear, money, and a Fitbit. All of which are things that I needed.

I gave my aunt an awesome photo Mike had taken from Nags Head. Dear uncle got an educational fish poster.

Because Amazon lied to my face, I still owe two more gifts to people. They said before Christmas eve. I have the emails to prove it.

Other than that, Christmas was a success.

P.S. Amazon needs to get their shit together.

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