Thanksgiving Weekend

Wednesday night was spent drinking, eating, and laughing with friends.

The drink(s), countless light beers and a Harpoon Chocolate Stout. The food, mac and cheese bites from Hoagie Haven. The friends, people I have known since high school.

It was a fun holiday. My mom insisted on taking pictures with her iPad, which meant blurry and unflattering photos of the whole family. Conversations ranged from alien sightings to orbs floating around Gettysburg. Leave it to Uncle Ron to be “that guy” at Thanksgiving. By 5pm, we were all passed out on the couch. Even the dogs were tired.

On Friday, I finally got to see my roommates, Emily and Jen, for a much-needed mini reunion. We had a few drinks, danced to some music, and people watched. Five man buns is one too many, especially when your head is the wrong shape for it. Let it go, dude.

We met our other roommate, Sara, for breakfast at The Original Pancake House. I went with my usual meat and eggs but, this time, with a side of pancakes. They were so good that I wished I ordered a whole stack of them. The girls ordered a variety of things, including an omelette the size of a baby and crepes with a berry topping. We walked off breakfast with a trip to the mall.

Photo Nov 28, 10 07 44 AM

Sunday was anniversary day! Complete with flowers covered in glitter and two cab rides.

To celebrate, we took a train into the city to visit The Met.

Did you know that you can get into the museum for less than the recommended price?

I learned this little tidbit from my high school art teacher. Think of the recommended price as more of a suggestion. Visitors are allowed to pay/ contribute whatever he or she wants (within reason). We got in for less than the price of one student ticket.

Here are some of my favorites from our visit.

Photo Nov 29

Photo Nov 29, 1 51 23 PM
The first record of side-eye.

Photo Nov 29, 2 11 06 PM Photo Nov 29, 2 20 13 PM

Photo Nov 29, 2 24 36 PM
I wish my drinking glasses were this elaborate.

Photo Nov 29, 3 23 55 PM Photo Nov 29, 3 49 17 PM Photo Nov 29, 3 50 37 PMPhoto Nov 29, 3 58 18 PM Photo Nov 29, 4 27 36 PM

Photo Nov 29, 4 31 03 PM
Dog shaped thong clasp.

After a short train ride back to NJ, we hightailed it to Lola’s Latin Bistro for dinner.

I didn’t take any photos of the food because I was hungry and bread could only hold me over for so long.

We started with the bean dip and fried plantains. When I say bean dip, I mean whole beans and none of that mushed up crap.  Our meals consisted of salmon with pineapple salsa and pork with a ton of rice. We walked away with a ton of leftovers because of beans.

Having had such a great four-day weekend, I definitely was not looking forward to Monday. If they could just get rid of Monday from the work week, that would be great.

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