Hanging out at a VFW

I started my weekend off with an auction…at a VFW.

The Sandy Hook Child Care Center was holding their annual gift auction and since Mike donated a photo, we were able to attend the event for free.

I was impressed by the organization and flow of the event. It looked like everyone was there to have a good time and raise some money.

Photo Nov 20, 6 57 38 PM
I call this, “Donor and His Donation.”

My mom and I had eye doctor appointments the following day.

Our eyes were dilated so we had to wear sunglasses while shopping at Target. Damn you fluorescent lights!

Photo Nov 21, 3 38 11 PM
Haters gon’ hate.

Once my pupils returned to their normal size, it was time for date night at INC in New Brunswick.

We started dinner off with drinks. I ordered the Who Killed Roger Rabbit made with bourbon, carrot juice, and a bunch of other “healthy” ingredients. I basically had a full serving of vegetables (and hard liquor). He had the Fallen Angel complete with bourbon and an ice ball. Incredibly hip. I recommend both and I don’t even like bourbon.

Photo Nov 21, 6 28 20 PM

Guacamole was our appetizer of choice. It was creamy and delicious with a hint of cilantro. I may have snuck a bite before snapping this photo.

Photo Nov 21, 6 32 02 PM

I went with the Hanger Steak for my entrée. I can honestly say that I loved every bite. It was the perfect portion to feed my hunger.

Photo Nov 21, 6 54 55 PM

Mike ordered the INC Burger. No complaints were made on his end. Bites were also taken prior to this photo.

Photo Nov 21, 6 55 09 PM

I spent the rest of my weekend at home in bed, doing what I do best, being lazy. I browsed Pinterest for a while trying to figure out Christmas gifts. How did the holiday sneak up on us so fast? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I already feel like I’m behind. I guess everyone is getting a yarn ball this year.

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