Hanging out at a VFW

I started my weekend off with an auction…at a VFW.

The Sandy Hook Child Care Center was holding their annual gift auction and since Mike donated a photo, we were able to attend the event for free.

We pulled up to the care center thinking we had made it just in time. Boy, were we wrong.

Turns out, the event was being held at a VFW 15 minutes away. The empty parking lot should have been our first clue.

As we got to the hall, I was relieved to see that everyone and their mother was at the auction. Some people were lined up waiting to get in the main door while others were camped out at their tables. Families piled around their tables to form mini parties, complete with sub platters and pizzas. There was also a dessert table and bar available to everyone.

For something so large, I was impressed by the organization and flow of the event. It looked like everyone was there to have a good time and raise some money.

Photo Nov 20, 6 57 38 PM
I call this, “Donor and His Donation.”

My mom and I had eye doctor appointments the next day.

Our eyes were dilated so we had to wear sunglasses while shopping at Target. Damn you fluorescent lights!

Photo Nov 21, 3 38 11 PM
Haters gon’ hate.

Once my pupils returned back to their normal size, it was time for date night at INC in New Brunswick.

We started dinner off with drinks. I ordered the Who Killed Roger Rabbit made with bourbon, carrot juice, and a bunch of other “healthy” ingredients. I basically had a full serving of vegetables (and hard liquor). He had the Fallen Angel complete with bourbon and an ice ball. Incredibly hip. I recommend both and I don’t even like bourbon.

Photo Nov 21, 6 28 20 PMPhoto Nov 21, 6 30 16 PM

Guacamole was our appetizer of choice. It was creamy and delicious with a hint of cilantro. I may have snuck a bite before snapping this photo.

Photo Nov 21, 6 32 02 PM

I went with the Hanger Steak for my entrée. I can honestly say that I loved every bite. It was the perfect portion to feed my hunger.

Photo Nov 21, 6 54 55 PM

Mike ordered the INC Burger. No complaints were made on his end. Bites were also taken prior to this photo.

Photo Nov 21, 6 55 09 PM

I spent the rest of my weekend at home in bed, doing what I do best, being lazy. I browsed Pinterest for a while trying to figure out Christmas gifts. How did the holiday sneak up on us so fast? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I already feel like I’m behind. I guess everyone is getting a yarn ball this year.

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