Beer, Being Scared, and Hiking

Rather than finish the rest of the work week in triumph, I took a mental health day and went shopping with my mom.

I do this thing where I find an article of clothing that I absolutely love and research it to death. Literally, hours spent on my computer with multiple tabs open. Sometimes it does more harm than good. I like to keep things cheap but I’m slowly learning that you have to pay a little more if you want things to last.

After days of searching, I finally decided on the Tommy Hilfiger Russell booties from Macy’s. Yay new shoes!

Even though I had a $20 gift card, I wasn’t thrilled with the price tag. Luckily, there was a huge sale and I managed to get 25% off! I only paid $55 out of pocket. The boots look even better now, knowing that I saved some cash. They run larger than usual, but with a thicker pair of socks I will be ready for rainy weather.

I also picked up another pair of stretchy jeans from Forever 21. I hate having pants that feel stiff or stretch out, so I love the fact that these stretch without loosing shape and are catered to shorter heights. My outfit was now complete for Oktoberfest, sans rainboots.

We got to Philly around 2:30, with enough time to pee and get in line.


I sampled so many beers that I lost count. My favorite beer of the day, from what I can remember, was the Purple Monkey Dishwasher stout from Evil Genius Beer Company. It tasted like chocolate and peanut butter. So good!


We stayed inside for awhile, mostly to thaw out and prepare ourselves for the wind chill.

Happy on the outside, freezing to death on the inside.


Having had a few (several) samples, the group began sending goofy photos to find one another.


Standing in line for our second round of food, we met another group that was equally excited about Oktoberfest. After two beer runs and what seemed like several hours, we finally ordered our food.

Our last stop of the night was Fright Factory. I walked away unscathed, but I can’t really say the same for Kathryn. Mwhahaha!

I spent my Sunday driving around with Mike to see some fall foliage. First up, Speedwell Dam in Lancaster County, PA.


It was cold, but the leaves were beautiful. Definitely worth the visit.

We stopped for lunch at the Old Log Cabin Inn in Columbia, NJ. What looks like a biker bar on the outside, is actually a bar, family restaurant, and pizzeria. Bikers just happen to stop there. If you’re feeling hungry or have a hangover, I highly recommend the macaroni and cheese bites and chicken cheese steak. I really lucked out with food this weekend. I just wish I would have thought about the onions before I going on a long hike.

The Mount Tammany red dot trail took us about two hours to complete. Reaching the top made the almost broken ankles and seasonal cold worth it.

IMG_5601IMG_5603IMG_5605 IMG_5625IMG_5636

Photo courtesy of Mike

Safe to say I expected a trail with flat land. Instead I got this.


The weekend ended with McDonald’s shakes and going to bed early. I love these jam packed weekends, but they definitely make Mondays harder. The struggles of being an adult.

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