The Renaissance and Lawn Comedy

This weekend I went to the New York Renaissance Faire. It was by far the best fair that I have ever been to. Everyone was friendly, people were dressed up, and they served alcohol. In my opinion, all of the other fairs can eat it.IMG_5175


The first activity of the day was some archery.

Mike went first because I severely doubted my aiming skills and wanted to see what I was up against. I’d give him a solid 8/10 for getting most of his arrows on the target. That’s fair, right?


Then it was my turn. Before I could even grab an arrow, I was informed that the bow was too big for me by one of the archer experts. On the inside, I took 6 steps back in life and was in middle school again. Turns out she was right. It was like a scene straight out of the Hunger Games. Self given 9/10 rating.

Just look at the focus and dedication.


I walked away with this fancy sticker badge and constantly reminded a certain someone about who he was dealing with. I may or may not have worn it for the rest of the day until I got home. I also might have saved it somewhere. Don’t judge me. Adults still like getting stickers for their accomplishments.


To redeem himself, Mike took a swing at, what I’m going to call, “The Mallet Game.” Creative, I know. He walked away with borderline knighthood and awarded half a badge.


For the rest of our time there, we saw a few shows and had lunch. I had a sausage and pepper roll with a $9 lemonade. It was probably the most expensive thing I bought that day.

Guess who got the turkey leg? It was steaming hot and delicious and definitely a favorite for faire-goers. I regret not going with the classic.

IMG_5184 IMG_5190

I found out later that the weekend was a mix between the renaissance and cosplay. It made sense considering we saw a lot of mythical costumes and a guy dressed as Indiana Jones.

We left the Ren Faire and headed to the PNC Bank Arts Center to see the Oddball Comedy Tour. By see, I mean that we sat on the lawn miles away from the stage and watched comedians from a blurry projection screen. As we sat on the damp blanket, I missed my nice, dry couch. It was such a great day, that the blanket didn’t phase me THAT much. I know for future lawn sittings to bring a dry blanket of my own.


Home by midnight, I stuffed some food in my face and went to bed. Not too bad for last minute plans.

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