Quality Versus Quantity in Port Clyde

I underestimated the distance between New Jersey and Maine. Eight hours there and back. The drive for the first four hours wasn’t that bad but then we hit traffic. In some areas, I could have walked faster.

We did stop every now and then to pee and get gas (and to keep our sanity). On the way to the inn, there was a terrible motorcycle accident. The guy was about three cars away from his bike and didn’t look like he was wearing a helmet. Luckily, a lot of people pulled over to help him while they waited for an ambulance.

Three hours later we arrived at The Seaside Inn.


The inn was really nice, with great views of the water and was across the road from the General Store.

Not pictured is our room, because I forgot. Located on the second floor, the room had a small desk/vanity and a private bathroom. Sharing a bathroom still creeps me out, despite living in a dorm for three years. I’m not high maintenance at all. For the cost and the location, I didn’t have any complaints.

Our next priority was adult beverages and food. Somehow, I was able to remember to photograph my glass of Pinot.


Having perused the menu at The Dip Net, I decided on the lobster ravioli, while he ordered the lobster mac and cheese. I usually avoid ordering pasta, but I figured you can’t go wrong with ravioli especially when it contains Maine lobster.

I was pretty disappointed when the food arrived. Turns out that I had actually ordered four ravioli. FOUR. The meal was fine but now I know better. Always ask about quantity when you choose such a dish. While Mike had a full plate of pasta, I was dicing up ravioli to make it last longer. I could have easily eaten all four in less than ten minutes. Thank god I ordered wine. Wine makes everything better.

Our next destination was Marshall Point Lighthouse. Even from the parking lot, the view was amazing.


Pictures do not do this sunset justice. The colors were unbelievable. I think this was my favorite sunset yet.


We started the next day with an agenda. Breakfast, kayaking, check-out, lobster rolls, home.

Breakfast was complimentary with the room. Can you guess where we ate? Yes, right across the road. This time at the General Store.

I have an obsession with eggs cooked over easy. I love being able to dip my toast in the runny yolks. When you add bacon, you have a complete breakfast. We quickly unloaded the car and headed out onto the water.

Yea, I kayak and stuff!


I wish we could’ve spent more time on the water but by 11AM, we packed up the car just in time for check-out. Before leaving Maine, we made two stops- one for lobster rolls and the other for gas. The rolls were fantastic and made me forget about the lack of ravioli I had the day before. I couldn’t have asked for better food.

Maine is growing on me. I’m eager to go back for a longer stay. Maybe we’ll pick up some more lobster rolls. Maybe we’ll eat them while kayaking. Who knows?

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