Kayaking Reminds Me of Karate

Don’t ask me why, it just does.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never been kayaking.

I’ve been on fishing boats and went white water rafting when I was younger, but that was the extent of my sea adventures.

Fortunately for me, the Mike lives near a lake AND has two kayaks. Score!

We got to the lake, unloaded the kayaks and were on our way. We were out on the lake for over an hour. It was really nice.

I’m definitely looking forward to going kayaking again. It’s a great arm workout and a good way to get outside.

Later that day, we went to Union Beach so the man could take some photos.

The beach was pretty sketchy. There were random articles of clothing everywhere. Some guy even started a fire on the beach. Even though everyone was friendly, I wouldn’t say it’s the optimal summer spot.

…but that sunset though.




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