Camping in Upstate New York

The last time I went camping was in Germany, if you want to call it camping.

My friend and I were studying abroad and planned our first trip to Octoberfest.

We stayed at a campground right outside of the city. We slept in a tent for two days, didn’t shower for three, and ate food cooked over a fire. We drank beer, ate pretzels, and visited a monastery. The tent next to us farted all night long.

I guess that sort of qualifies as camping, right?

A few weeks ago, I went camping (for real) in Upstate New York.

The drive to the Catskills took about two hours. The weather had started to warm up, so the car was nice and toasty. I wore shorts! It was perfect for relaxing but not so warm that you wanted to take a nap. When we were about 30 minutes away from our destination, we decided to stop for food. Can you guess where?

The only good thing about Burger King are the crowns. Ordering the chicken fries was a terrible mistake. It was overpriced and mediocre, and yet oddly filling. Whatever BK. At least I got the crown I deserved. To the camp we go…

We spent the night at Brookside Campgrounds. As soon as we got there, we checked-in at the tiny general store near the entrance. The people were friendly and very helpful in telling us where we could camp and what was around the area. We also got some free maps, so it was a win-win.

The view from our campsite.


I took a few pictures, mostly through Snapchat. The tent was really easy to set up/ take down. I think they’ve become easier since camping with the girl scouts. Nice and roomy for a four person tent AND we were able to shove an air mattress in there (I spelled mattress with one T and it kills me).



My only regret was not packing more layers and more socks. Good lord did my feet get cold. Even with fleece socks, I was still shivering. Word of advice, even if it isn’t THAT cold, bring an extra blanket to put in your sleeping bag.

Apparently, we had guests near our tent late that night. Mike thought it could have been raccoons or another small animal too short to see over the tent. I think it was aliens. Loud but tiny aliens.

We got an early-ish start the next day. We had planned to go hiking around the area, but decided to check out the Kaaterskill Falls instead. Pretty cool, right?


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