At the Top

We took a train into the city on a Sunday afternoon and decided to walk from Penn Station to 51st. Our destination – the top of Rockefeller Center.

Walking around the city is like driving anywhere else- you need to pay attention. Don’t even try to walk and text. You WILL run into someone and they WILL curse you out. You also have to be aware of one way streets when crossing. Cars will stop, but it won’t be pleasant. If murder was legal, they would keep going.

We almost saw a girl get hit by a taxi. She freaked out, ran a loop in the middle of the street, and had a taxi driver yell at her. That’s what happens when you suck… at walking.

Google Maps chose the worse possible route right through Times Square. It’s fine if you have time to kill, but not when you have an appointment in 20 minutes. To top it all off, we went to the wrong building. We actually passed the real building and went across the street. It should have been obvious when we walked into the quiet, dimly lit lobby. Five minutes later we were scanning our tickets and heading upstairs.

There are three levels at the top. The first level has a gift shop and a seating area surrounded by windows. It’s a great spot to take in the sites without bearing the cold weather.

The next level is outside with large glass walls and a small indoor area. The view was ten times better. Great views of Central Park and Manhattan.



The third level was the best for taking photos. My guy claimed a spot directly across from the Empire State Building and set up all his photo equipment.


I saw all of the Nikons that day and I judged hard. Maybe they were all photographers/ photography enthusiasts. I’m learning more and more that Nikon is basically the prom queen of cameras. I’m content with my iPhone and digital camera that I bought eight years ago.

After staring at the same building for some time, I decided to wander. When I say wander, I mean walk around the entire floor in under 5 minutes. It was pretty cramped for such an open space.


I took a decent number of photos, trying to capture the changing sky. Not too shabby for an iPhone (thank god for the HDR setting).


Who could be upset with a view like that?


We met a really nice couple towards the end of the day. The conversation was mostly small talk, but they were friendly. I took some coupley photos of them with the guy’s digital camera.

One last shot before leaving.


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