At the Top

We took a train into the city on a Sunday afternoon and decided to walk from Penn Station to 51st. Our destination – the top of Rockefeller Center.

There are three levels at the top. The first level has a gift shop and a seating area surrounded by windows. It’s a great spot to take in the sites without bearing the cold weather. The next level is outside with large glass walls and a small indoor area. The view was ten times better. Great views of Central Park and Manhattan.


The third level was the best for taking photos. My guy claimed a spot directly across from the Empire State Building and set up all his photo equipment.


After staring at the same building for some time, I decided to wander. When I say wander, I mean walk around the entire floor in under 5 minutes. It was pretty cramped for such an open space.


I took a decent number of photos, trying to capture the changing sky. Not too shabby for an iPhone (thank god for the HDR setting).


Who could be upset with a view like that?


One last shot before leaving.


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