Busy Weekend and My Legs Hurt

You know you have a busy weekend when your legs are sore for days afterwards. It hurt to drive. Combat boots probably weren’t the best idea to wander around Seaside Heights.

Because it was the middle of March, the town was empty. After Sandy and all the crappy weather, the roads were all torn up. Navigating through town required a lot of detours. Luckily, we were able to get to the park area where we saw this guy.

It was a gloomy day but it was sort of perfect for beach wandering.


The park is separated by numbered areas. Each spot has a small parking lot and path leading to the beach. The closer you are to the entrance, the clearer the path.


The creepier paths started around Area 11- the kind of place where you have a great day at the beach and are then murdered in the swamp.


Judges Shack was equally creepy in all of it’s fenced off glory. The majority of the structure was intact but sat on it’s own, facing away from the water.

On Sunday, we drove into the city to see the Brooklyn Bridge.

Literally traffic everywhere. For a Sunday evening, the traffic made no sense. It took us 25 minutes to drive down a road that should have taken 6 minutes.



How cool is that sky? The wind blew the clouds by in gorgeous blue and purple hues.


Brooklyn Bridge, NY

We stayed for a couple hours, until it was too cold to function. Definitely worth a trip to see the city from Brooklyn Bridge Park.


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